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Wedding Loans

Cash at Call understands your wedding day is truly one of life's most memorable occasions and should be a day that is long cherished and often remembered. Of course given the many services (also read expenses) that are required on the big day, for some, creating the dream wedding seems an impossibility... That is not the case - Cash at Call has proudly served many Australian couples to realise what they may have thought was beyond their grasp. Be that the engagement ring epitomising your commitment to your beloved, or the many special touches on the day including catering, outfits, venues and cars through to bonbonnieres and the all-important invitations. It is a time to be creative and openly expressive with your passion, not the time to be scrimping and sacrificing. As a result, Cash at Call has created a specific Wedding Loan product offering cash loans between $150 - $2,000 over flexible terms that is fast, friendly and flexibly tailored to meet your wedding requirements.

We also recognise that newlyweds sometimes have particular expenses to establish a life together and at Cash at Call, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to assist with your loan requirements. Importantly, approved applicants will get cash transferred to their account within 24hrs of completing an application. Don't forget we have no hidden or ongoing fees and zero penalties if you pay out your loan early (just more cash in your pocket from reduced interest)!

Cash at Call associates have been market leaders for seven years and offer you a unique, personalised service to obtain secured and unsecured personal cash loans from $150 to $2,000 to provide you the financial freedom to plan the day (and life) you have always wanted!

Don't delay any longer, Apply Now! With Cash at Call you can make your dream day a reality - Contact us today!

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