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Privacy Statement

It is the aim of Cash at Call to provide exceptional service to all our clients. To do this we maximise the use of information collected by us and secure its storage whilst we retain that information. This statement sets out our policy in relation to the collection and use of confidential information.

The Information

In order that we can serve you it is necessary for us to collect certain information. This information may include identifying information such as name and address, as well as personal and / or business financial information.

Its Use

We use the information for a number of purposes. The information supplied by you will form a part of an assessment process so that we adhere to our policy of responsible lending. In the event that you default in paying the agreed repayments on the contract we have the authority to forward the information to a debt collection agency and report you to a credit reporting agency.

Its Collection

We collect information principally from information provided to us by you. However, we may collect further information about you from some of the sources you provide us, or by the methods authorised by you and permitted by the Privacy Act.

Its Distribution

We will not, except as authorised by you or the Privacy Act, allow any person access to this information by way of sale of, rental of or access to the databases maintained by us. In certain circumstances, the information may be passed between members of the Cash at Call group, but in all cases the only persons with authorisation to access the information with appropriate training and an acknowledgement of their responsibilities is permitted access.

Its Safety

Cash at Call operates state of the art computer systems which are as secure as we and our IT service providers can make them. We are happy to provide you with details of the information we hold about you, and should there be any incorrect information we will do our best to correct the information immediately. If you have any comments to make about this policy, or wish to have someone explain it to you, please contact us by email on