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Loan Types

Cash at Call offers a range of loan solutions to meet your needs.

Once you let us know the amount you are after and we understand your personal situation, we will match you to the right loan product using our responsible lending guidelines.

  1. Short Term Advances ($150 – $750)

    A Short Term Advance is generally for a loan repaid over 3 – 7 months. This type of loan suits people that have been caught short by car repairs / registration or an unexpected medical bill, for example, but have the income and serviceability to pay off the loan in a relatively short period of time. Security may be required.

  2. Personal Loans ($750 - $2,000)

    A personal loan is generally larger and may be repaid over a longer period of time to ensure that the repayments are set at an affordable amount. Security in the form of a motor vehicle, boat, motorcycle or truck is required for amounts greater than $2,000.

About Cash at Call

Cash at Call is, as the name says, an easy way to get money to purchase a new asset or cover an unexpected bill such as car repairs, dental work or the like.

Cash at Call is an alternative to the banks and credit unions that are restrictive in their lending practices. We have a broad range of offerings and are happy to consider any application.

Cash at Call prides itself on getting the funds to you, the customer, within 24 hours of receiving your documents.

Cash at Call adopts responsible lending practices and hence needs to collect sufficient information on each application to make sure that the terms being proposed are reasonable.

Cash at Call is a Credit Assistance Provider committed exclusively to assisting you with a loan product that fits your circumstances.