Teaching your kids positive financial habits

Positive financial habits are a life skill worth learning and you’re never too young (or too old) to start developing proper financial management skills.  Budgeting isn’t easy but if you start early it becomes a habit you’ll keep for life.  That’s why teaching your children to be conscientious about their finances is one of the most important parts of being a responsible parent. If you want your kids to grow up to appreciate the importance of budgeting, here are a few simple tips to get Read more [...]
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Easter Holidays made easy

The New Year is well underway and for many, their Christmas holidays already seem like a distant memory. If you’re in need of some inspiration to get you through those early morning meetings, why not start planning your Easter holiday escape? There are loads of fantastic destinations throughout Queensland and the great south east for you and your family to enjoy this Easter. Get the kids off the couch and into the sun with a family beach holiday on the Gold Coat. Or explore the wonders beneath Read more [...]
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Managing debt – a life skill worth learning

In today’s credit driven society it is very rare to come across an individual who is 100% debt free. Credit cards, HECS debt, mortgage and personal loans – whatever your circumstances, chances are you have a combination of many different open lines of credit.  Effectively managing this debt is one of the most valuable skills you can learn and can have a significant impact on your financial options in the future. Mitigate the debt At the heart of this technique is the concept of borrowing Read more [...]
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Managing your household debt

A lot of people don’t realise how easy it is to accumulate debt. A few months of spending more than you earn can quickly snowball into an unmanageable amount of household bills and unpaid loans. Managing your household debt and making regular repayments on your open lines of credit is a big part of maintaining a high standard of living.  If you find yourself struggling to manage your household debt, here are a few things you can do: 1. Develop a long term plan Without a long-term financial plan, Read more [...]
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What is responsible lending?

Come the holiday season every year, we tend to hear the words ‘responsible driving’ and ‘responsible drinking’ used quite a lot. But what about ‘responsible lending’? If you’re like thousands of other Australians, the chances are you’ll find yourself a little short of cash at the end of the calendar year. A family holiday, Christmas presents and end of year home renovations can rack up quite a bill and you might consider turning to a credit assistance provider to make ends meet. Read more [...]
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Short term Vs Long term loans – which is right for me?

With a mortgage, a HECS debt, a car loan and a credit card, it’s easy to see how some people can become overwhelmed by personal debt. When cash is short, many turn to bank loans to cover some of their larger expenses, thinking the longer term will equate to smaller repayments over an extended period of time. But it doesn’t take a financial expert to tell you that these types of loans can cost you thousands of dollars in interest and burden you with even more debt in the long run. There are several Read more [...]
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Personal Loans Vs Credit Cards for an end of year cash injection

If you, like countless other Australians, find yourself short of cash at the end of the year, then you might consider one of two options – a credit card or a personal loan. Both can provide you with the money you need to fund those end of year projects. But you need to understand the differences between personal loans and credit cards to know which one is right for your particular circumstances. Credit Cards Too many consumers are getting themselves into financial debt by failing to understand Read more [...]
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How to apply for a bond loan

Every home owner knows the financial commitment of living the Australian dream can be great. Cash at Call is a responsible credit assistance provider that eases this burden by offering Australians financial assistance with their property related expenses. Cash at Call has a wide range of secured and unsecured personal loans that can be customised to suit your individual circumstances. They offer personal loans between $750 and $5,000 to cover expenses like your bond, rental advance, renovations Read more [...]
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Keep your family safe this Christmas with a personal loan from Cash at Call

Christmas is about family and what better gift to give your family this Christmas, than a safe and happy holiday?  It’s a tragic truth that around 65 people die on Australian roads every year between the months of December and January. Even sadder is that many of these accidents could have been avoided with the help of a routine mechanical service. If you’re planning a road trip this Christmas, the most important item on your packing list should be a thorough car service. But with travel expenses, Read more [...]
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Partial funding for a wedding

Whether you’re planning a sophisticated soiree at a 5 star resort or a low key ceremony on the beach at sunset, the chances are your wedding plans will rack up a pretty significant bill. A personal loan from Cash at Call can help alleviate some of the financial stress associated with wedding plans. So when it comes to budgeting for your dream wedding, here is a quick breakdown of what expenses you can expect. Engagement ring The cost of an engagement ring will vary depending on the individual. Read more [...]
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