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Bad Credit Cash Loans

Before you Apply

In order for your application for a bad credit cash loan to be approved you will need to meet the following lending conditions.

Am I eligible?

You must:

  1. Have no more than 2 unpaid defaults
  2. Have no unpaid defaults to a financier (including banks, credit unions, money lenders etc)
  3. Not be an undischarged bankrupt (includes Part IX agreements)
  4. Earn more than $25,000 per year ($500 per week)
  5. Have worked with your current employer for over 3 months
  6. Have permanent Australian residency

If you meet the above lending conditions then you can apply for a bad credit cash loan now.

Please note Cash at Call undertakes automatic credit verification to substantiate your application. Comprehensive employment and residential checks are also undertaken.

Why Cash at Call for Bad or Poor Credit?

Cash at Call says "Yes when the banks say no!"*. If you have bad credit, poor credit or are bankrupt but you meet the lending conditions stated above then you are eligible for a cash loan with your bad credit rating today. We offer both secured and unsecured cash loans depending on your circumstances.

We are considerate Credit Assistance Providers who look at your individual circumstances before making a decision on your loan application. In the past we have approved personal loans to people with bad or poor credit and also people who have previously been bankrupt. In these situations many financial service providers say no, but Cash at Call said Yes!.