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$4000 Loan

A $4000 loan product tailored for you. We like to say yes when the banks say no!

At Cash at Call we understand that a fast cash loan for the amount of $4000 can put your life back in order. That is why we have developed a $4000 loan for any worthwhile purpose you require such as home expenses, rental bonds, car repairs, medical (including cosmetic surgery) or even a new car or motorbike! Our committed staff will work with you to deliver a small cash loan that fits perfectly with your financial situation.

Cash at Call is an alternative to the banks and credit unions that don't take the time to understand your circumstances. We pride ourselves on knowing you and importantly what you require to resolve your financial situation easily and quickly. Cash at Call will not take days to respond as our online application provides instant pre-approval and approved applicants will get cash advanced to their account fast - often on the same day you apply!

A $4000 fast cash loan is flexible and affordable, our costs are transparent - we have no concealed fees and welcome extra payments (without fees) so that you can save on interest and keep more cash in your account. We also like to keep our short term loan contracts simple ensuring you can obtain your quick cash advance worry free.

Cash at Call associates have been providing consumer finance for seven years and provide a fresh, personalised service to obtain secured personal loans and unsecured cash advances from $150 to $2000. We take the time to understand your personal situation and will match you to the right cash loan using our responsible lending policies.

Cash at Call prides itself on meeting the financial needs of its many satisfied customers - try us today!

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